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Important Information

In order to complete your order, there must be a video on your channel that is at least 60 minutes long.
If your channel doesn’t currently have a video longer than 60 minutes, you’ll need to upload one.
After we complete the order and you receive the watch hours, you can hide the video from your channel if you want.

Our Promises

Our Promises

Refund Guarantee

If we are unable to deliver your order within the expected timeframe, we provide a refund guarantee (if it is more than three days).

No Risk Of Decrease

We offer permanent services that are guaranteed not to decrease. However, if there are any losses, we guarantee a refill within 30 days of your purchase.

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We do not need your password to complete your order. To protect your account, we advise you never to share your account password to anyone.

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Acquiring YouTube Watch Hours has become incredibly easy. It’s now a straightforward process to boost your watch hours count without any complications. No need for extensive forms or sharing sensitive data like your password. Watch our video tutorial to see how to buy YouTube Watch Hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If you want to earn money on YouTube, you must meet several conditions and one of them is to get 4000 hours of watching on your channel. With our service, you will meet YouTube requirements faster and you will be able to join the YouTube monetization program.

We do not need your password to complete your order. Never trust services that require a password because you may lose your account without the possibility of recovering it.

Buying watch hours is completely legal. There is no law against watch hours.

No, it is totally up to you. You can buy watch hours as many as you want. We recommend taking a look at your channel’s statistics to see how many watch hours you need to reach 4,000 hours.

When you buy watch hours you cannot get banned. Everyone can buy watch hours for everyone, not only for themselves, and if buying watch hours would result in account blocking, then everyone would have a tool to ban other users’ accounts.

You can buy watch hours using credit card or cryptocurrency payments.

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Total: 27 Ratings

5 / 5